• Testimonials

  • Running a veterinary practice and real estate company as well as employing myself as a veterinarian has put a lot of hats on my head. I needed a reliable accountant who could answer my questions (and there are always lots of questions).


    Nancy's guidance and quarterly evaluations have allowed me to turn my attention to the areas of my business that needed my help BEFORE a problem could arise. I feel confident when I make business decisions that require me to "ask my accountant" because I know she is advising me for my continued growth and success.


    - Jennie Rubenstein, DVM

    As a small business our biggest challenge was staying on top of State and Federal Tax Payments. Nancy set up a schedule for us, that is both easy to adhere to and understand.


    Nancy has provided me with a general understanding of the functions of my
    tax situation. She educates as well as facilitates.


    Some of the benefits of working with Nancy are:

    • Continuity between my daily efforts, bookkeeping and "put to print" filings.
    • Accessibility by phone, fax, email. Prompt response time and flexibility.
    • Well researched answers to any/all of my financial questions, whether business or personal.

    Honestly you will be a team driving your business forward. You will be in capable hands. A professional who will treat you as her top priority.


    - Mary-Ellen Snyder
    Diamond East,Inc.

    If you don't have a Controller or a VP of finance, or if you struggle to bridge the gap between your Financial manager and your bookkeeper, Nancy can help you get a handle on your numbers. Her attention to detail in tremendous and she is a hands on doer unlike many other CPA I have worked with.


    If you need an independent CPA to help you with the tactical side of your finances, including all aspects of your books from your bank rec. to your GL and A/r, A/p and income statement I recommend Nancy highly!


    - Robin

    Nancy has always been easy to reach over the phone or by email, with prompt replies, following up after each meeting we have had, updating budgets, reports and sharing income tax projections to plan payments throughout the year, making tax filing season very easy to execute and complete, without huge tax payments surprises, allowing to easily manage my finances efficiently.


    If you are seeking a professional to manage or oversee your bookkeeping, a professional that cares about you and your business, and always takes the time to discuss with you options available to you to grow your business, Nancy is definitely an excellent choice for you.


    - Giuseppe Di Palma
    Lush Experiences

    Nancy reviews our QuickBooks monthly. Her experience and perspective give us confidence in our financial information. She’s always responsive and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend her.


    - Joel L.

    Before hiring Nancy, we were handling our own budgeting for the company, but unsure of whether the actual spend was accurate and falling under the correct categories. Additionally, we did not have any idea how to work out the best tax advantages for our company. Nancy had all of this under control within a year, and continues to help us refine our budgeting and spend each year so that we can accurately predict our profit/loss statement.


    Nancy is always there whenever we have a simple or complex question. She is a full service accountant and knows our business and personal tax issues inside and out, so we don’t have to worry about bringing in a third party during tax season. Last, she has been very truthful and understanding, which has helped us to make better decisions… When she sees something wrong, she is not hesitant to offer suggestions of how we can do better.


    The best thing I can say is that we trust Nancy implicitly, and feel very comfortable with her. She has taken the time to learn what our business is about, and having done this, can offer us the best advice.


    - Brad Beaty

    Working with Nancy is the best experience I've ever had with an accountant. In the past I paid 3x more for accounting services and got a fraction of the attention I got from Nancy. She has deep knowledge of tax strategies for small business owners. She offered several creative suggestions to support me and the business. She is both knowledgeable AND personable, patiently and thoroughly explaining the numbers and options. I recommend her services without hesitation.


    - Sharon Melnick

    CEO, Horizon Point Inc.